1: "Preheat Oven" Set your oven to a high temperature for crispy perfection.

2: "Parboil Potatoes" Boil potatoes before roasting for a fluffy inside and crispy outside.

3: "Toss in Cornstarch" Coat potatoes in cornstarch before roasting for extra crunch.

4: "Use High-Quality Oil" Opt for olive oil or duck fat for rich flavor and crispy results.

5: "Season Generously" Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and herbs for a flavorful finish.

6: "Spread Evenly" Arrange potatoes in a single layer for even cooking and crispiness.

7: "Flip Halfway Through" Turn halfway to ensure all sides are golden brown and crispy.

8: "Add a Dash of Vinegar" Splash vinegar before roasting for a tangy twist and extra crisp.

9: "Serve Hot" Enjoy freshly roasted potatoes straight from the oven for ultimate crunchiness.