1: 1. Eat Whole Grains like Quinoa and Brown Rice for Fiber 2. Incorporate Leafy Greens like Spinach for Magnesium 3. Consume Legumes such as Lentils for Iron

2: 1. Include Nuts like Almonds and Cashews for Fiber 2. Choose Avocado for a Good Source of Magnesium 3. Opt for Red Meat like Beef for Iron

3: 1. Snack on Fruits like Apples and Berries for Fiber 2. Enjoy Dark Chocolate for a Boost of Magnesium 3. Cook with Tofu or Tempeh for a Plant-Based Iron Option

4: 1. Add Chia or Flax Seeds to Smoothies for Fiber 2. Include Pumpkin Seeds for a Magnesium-Rich Snack 3. Incorporate Poultry like Chicken for Iron

5: 1. Try Oatmeal with Berries for a Fiber-Packed Breakfast 2. Include Yogurt with Nuts for a Magnesium-Rich Snack 3. Cook with Shellfish like Shrimp for Iron

6: 1. Blend a Green Smoothie with Kale for Fiber 2. Top Salads with Sunflower Seeds for Magnesium 3. Pair Beans with Rice for a Complete Iron Source

7: 1. Snack on Carrots or Celery Sticks for Fiber 2. Enjoy a Banana for a Quick Magnesium Boost 3. Cook with Beef Liver for a Highly Absorbable Iron Source

8: 1. Use Whole Wheat Pasta for a Fiber-Rich Meal Option 2. Incorporate Pumpkin Puree for a Magnesium Boost in Baking 3. Add Lentils to Soups and Stews for a Hearty Iron Source

9: 1. Include Popcorn for a High-Fiber Snack 2. Try Roasted Edamame for a Magnesium-Rich Crunchy Snack 3. Grill Salmon for a Delicious and Iron-Rich Dinner Option