1: Kevin Costner's early exit from Yellowstone may leave him regretful as Horizon fails at the box office.

2: Fans speculate whether Costner left the hit show too soon, missing the success he's accustomed to.

3: Costner's departure from Yellowstone raises questions about his next move in Hollywood.

4: Rumors swirl as Horizon struggles to gain traction at the box office without Costner's star power.

5: Costner's decision to leave Yellowstone may have been premature as Horizon's performance disappoints.

6: Critics wonder if Costner made a mistake by leaving the popular TV series for a lackluster film.

7: The actor's absence from Yellowstone may have impacted his career as Horizon receives negative reviews.

8: Industry insiders speculate on Costner's future projects and whether he will return to Yellowstone in the future.

9: As fans await Costner's next move, the actor may be reflecting on his decision to depart from Yellowstone prematurely.