1: NCIS star Michael Weatherly reveals hilarious food pranks with co-star Sean Murray on set.

2: From mayo in coffee to pickles in shoes, the pranks are both disgusting and delightful.

3: Discover how the actors kept each other on their toes during filming with food antics.

4: Murray and Weatherly's friendship shines through in their playful and quirky pranks.

5: Learn how the NCIS cast kept the set light-hearted with their food-related antics.

6: The behind-the-scenes pranks add a fun and unexpected element to filming NCIS.

7: Fans of the show get a glimpse into the off-screen shenanigans of the cast.

8: The food pranks between Weatherly and Murray created a unique bond between them.

9: Stay tuned for more hilarious stories from the NCIS set in our next installment.