1: Real and Fake Weapons in WWE Explore the use of real and fake weapons in WWE matches.

2: WWE Weapons From steel chairs to sledgehammers, WWE utilizes various weapons in its scripted matches.

3: Real vs. Fake Weapons Learn how WWE performers differentiate between real and fake weapons during matches.

4: Impact of Weapons Discover the impact weapons have on theatrical wrestling performances in WWE.

5: Safety Measures Find out the safety precautions taken by WWE to ensure the well-being of its performers.

6: Entertainment Value Explore how the use of weapons adds excitement and drama to WWE matches.

7: Historical Context Examine the evolution of weapons in WWE from past to present.

8: Weapon Policies Understand the rules and regulations regarding the use of weapons in WWE matches.

9: Fan Reactions Read about how fans perceive the use of weapons in WWE and its effect on the viewing experience.