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2: "Loki Returns with a new Spin: Marvel's trickster god is back with mind-bending adventures in the multiverse. Prepare for chaos and surprises!"

3: "Yellowstone Spinoff: Meet the all-new cast in '6666,' a ranching drama set in Texas. Will it be as intense as the original series?"

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5: "Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2: Expect more romance, betrayal, and shocking twists in the wild world of the Duttons. Who will survive the chaos?"

6: "Loki Returns with a new Spin: Time travel, alternate timelines, and fan-favorite characters collide in this thrilling continuation. What lies ahead in the MCU?"

7: "Yellowstone Spinoff: 'Y: 1883' follows the Dutton ancestors on a treacherous journey to Montana. Will they establish the dynasty we know today?"

8: "Loki Spinoff: 'Alligator Loki' joins forces with other variants in a hilarious adventure. Get ready for mischief and unexpected alliances!"

9: "Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2: The fate of the Dutton legacy hangs in the balance as old rivalries resurface. Who will emerge victorious in the end?"